My name is Allysia Murray and I like words. All of them—yep, even moist. I like using them to tell stories, and over the years, I’ve loved enriching other writers’ stories and helping them find only the goodest words to express themselves. I’ve made it my life’s work, so I’m not kidding around. Check out my testimonials

Through my youth and early adulthood I loved the sound of my own voice and delved right into an Arts degree with a Writing major, sure that I’d be the creative nonfiction answer to a question no one really asked. But it wasn’t until halfway through my degree that I really uncovered the joy derived from editing. Writing workshops are a process or breaking down the message behind the words and finding the truest way to deliver those messages. That type of treasure hunting got me hooked, and as a freelance digital communications and editing consultant, I consider my efforts as salient as a hog’s snuffling through dirt for truffles, uncovering truths with the clients I work with.

I graduated all those years ago with a hefty student debt and the understanding that good writing is good editing.

With that in mind, I decided to further my education to become a better communicator for perhaps the most important client I could ever get: the environment. Studying and acquiring a GradCert in Environmental Management was the perfect way to keep myself busy during the lockdown of 2020, and fanned the embers of intrigue that had smoldered in me for years about how I could more effectively write (and edit) for a cause. With those flames fully ablaze, it’s exciting to look to new ways to design and market communications for initiatives that reach beyond achieving higher sales, and towards achieving a safer, more sustainable life for everyone in the community.

Hire me as your copy writer, campaign designer, feature writer, sub-editor or editor! Or just like, say hi if you want. Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you using only the very best verbs. 

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