Editing Elements

Developmental and Line Editing — Nonfiction books
F*ck U, Next
The 50-60 Something Start-Up Entrepreneur
The Break-Up Handbook: Overcome Heartbreak in 10 Simple Steps

Magazine Editor
Last Editorial — Red Dirt Diary, February, 2019 (now in preview mode after its cancellation)

Writing Specimens

Fraser Island — Red Dirt Diary, Issue 04 (preview mode)
Itchy FeetThe Quarry, Macquarie University’s Writing Major Journal

High-Functioning Hobo — Red Dirt Diary (now in preview mode)
First edition
Confessions of a Reformed Tyre Kicker
Firing on 7 Cylinders

9.5 Waterholes — Red Dirt Diary Issue 04 (preview mode)
7 Things Macgyver Would Take Camping — RV Daily

Camping Recipes — Unsealed 4×4
Peach and Walnut French Toast Bake
Banana Bread
Indy-500 Curry

Infographic Ghostwriting
15 Grammar Rules It’s Okay to Break

Miscellaneous — RV Daily
Controversy Piece about Wicked Campers


Personal Social Media
Whale watching with Eagle Wing Tours, Victoria BC
Kayaking in Victoria, BC
Murica: My First Time Shooting, Poudre Canyon CO
Seattle: A Birthday
Snow hiking in Estes Park, CO

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