Creating engaging content for a variety of audiences across print and digital magazines, web, blogs, EDM and social media channels has been central to my roles over the last six years. As the editor for two start-up digital magazines, I was responsible for expanding audience reach through proactive campaign-driven comms strategies. Producing magazines requires strict project management, budgeting, juggling multiple (often conflicting) deadlines, working with internal and external stakeholders to coordinate communications tactics, crafting story lists, managing online engagement, writing compelling copy across all applicable media, and liaising with advertisers, contributors and designers. Oh, and lots and lots of editing.

As for the success of my freelance content creation business over the last five years, it has relied on my goal-driven nature and ability to self-manage, particularly while working on projects simultaneously with other full-time work commitments. I really enjoy working collaboratively with clients to establish targets for communications strategies, whether that’s through content production or developmental editing. I have been fortunate to garner dozens of clients worldwide, which has increased the breadth of knowledge I have for multiple markets and targeted demographics.

I’ve tracked down a couple of examples of my editing, writing and video assignments and neatly compiled them below, if you’re interested. Cheers!

Editing Elements

Developmental and Line Editing — Nonfiction Books
The 50-60 Something Start-Up Entrepreneur
F*ck U, Next
The Break-Up Handbook: Overcome Heartbreak in 10 Simple Steps
— Children’s Fiction
The Land of Cotton Candy Hair

Magazine Editor
Last Editorial — Red Dirt Diary, February, 2019 (now in preview mode after its cancellation)

Writing Specimens

Fraser Island — Red Dirt Diary, Issue 04 (preview mode)
Itchy FeetThe Quarry, Macquarie University’s Writing Major Journal

High-Functioning Hobo — Red Dirt Diary (now in preview mode)
First edition
Confessions of a Reformed Tyre Kicker
Firing on 7 Cylinders

9.5 Waterholes — Red Dirt Diary Issue 04 (preview mode)
7 Things Macgyver Would Take Camping — RV Daily

Camping Recipes — Unsealed 4×4
Peach and Walnut French Toast Bake / Video
Banana Bread / Video
Indy-500 Curry / Video

Infographic Ghostwriting
15 Grammar Rules It’s Okay to Break

Miscellaneous — RV Daily
Controversy Piece about Wicked Campers


Personal Social Media
Whale watching with Eagle Wing Tours, Victoria BC
Kayaking in Victoria, BC
Murica: My First Time Shooting, Poudre Canyon CO
Seattle: A Birthday
Snow hiking in Estes Park, CO

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