I am so grateful I hired Allysia as my editor! She made my book better than I could have ever imagined. It still sounds like me, but more polished and well-written. Allysia is incredibly knowledegable and the truest definition of a grammar nerd (in the best way). She went above and beyond to make sure my work was grammatically sound, professional and formatted properly! She is an expert when it comes to editing and always delivers on time. Not only did she do her job impeccably, she taught me how to be a better writer along the way. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing job she did on my book. She will be my editor for all future projects, big or small!
— Gina Jestadt, author of F*ck U, Next


You know those people who can seamlessly alternate between providing a side-splitting simile at the drop of a hat, or tell you the etymology of a word like etymology, or are born knowing the difference between your/you’re/yore? That’s Allysia. Despite a MENSA-spec brain and a sense of humour that’s drier than a place where there’s not much water, she insists on being a (helluva) subeditorwhich she’s damn good at. I should know, she made my semi-coherent and often drunken words make sense for over 18 months. If she was an Uber driver she’d have five stars. If she was a pizza she’d have the lot. If she was a brain surgeon Charlie Teo would be biting her moves. But she’s not, she’s a subeditor. And is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.
—Dex Fulton, director of TGH Media and former editor of Unsealed 4X4


Allysia is extremely knowledgeable as an editor and proofreader. She spotted things that were not caught when I first launched the book. I’m proud to be able to relaunch this upgraded version of my book.
—Pamela Wigglesworth, author of The 50-60 Something Start-Up Entrepreneur

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